There was WHAT in his NOSE?!

ImageGen 300x200 There was WHAT in his NOSE?!

So, about two weeks ago my son had his 2 and a half year check up.. I mentioned to the doctor about my son’s one nostril has been runny. He looked up there with his light and didn’t see anything. Then mentioned he was probably just getting over the head cold we had a few weeks before that. 

Fast forward to this week, his one nostril is STILL runny and now his snot smells awful.. I decided to call the doctors’ office because I just had a feeling he had shoved something up there. The nurse said it might be a sinus infection and they wanted to see him. 

This morning we took him to the walk-in hours our pediatrician has every morning. The doctor came in and was asking me some questions, then started to exam my son’s ears, mouth and finally his nose. She took one look and said, yep there is definitely something up there. She left the room and came back with a nasal aspirator to try sucking it out.. That didn’t work. She said she had an idea, and left the room again. Finally, using a long skinny pair of tweezers she pulled out an object that was a little bigger than the size of a dime.. It looked like stuffing from a stuffed animal or tissue.

I am so glad I followed my instinct and took him back in to the doctor.. Because a runny and stinky nose for 3 weeks is NOT normal!

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  1. says

    Mama instinct is just so amazingly strong! Good job! Shortly after my youngest was born my oldest daughter stuck a bite-size piece of chicken up her nose. The way I found out it that she sneezed and it came out with a lot of snot…I’m just waiting for it to happen again!
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  2. says

    Before I say this let me just start knocking on wood! My 3 have not stuck anything up their noses . . . yet. I can’t even imagine my oldest being still to let a doctor put tweezers in her nose. I’m glad it was something easy enough to get out!
    Never doubt those mama instincts. They exist for a reason . . . like little silly kiddos putting weird things inside their nostrils. lol
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  3. Southern Angel says

    When my oldest was about 3 I was at work and my mom had him. She would let him chew gum as long as he sat in her lap. Well she got involved in TV and he asked for a piece of gum, she handed it to him then went wait where is the piece you had earlier. He had shoved it in his nose. So far she could not get it. A trip to the ER and a wait in the waiting area where he was running wide open and one big sneeze, out it came. Which was good because they would have had to do what you had to have done.. Needless to say she wouldn’t give him gum for a while.
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  4. says

    I’m disappointed with the first doctor. He didn’t even bother to look carefully. If he had done that then it wouldn’t get worse and smell. Imagine, your son had to endure two weeks of clogged and runny nose because the first doctor didn’t look closely.

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